• How to get to takeoff: So that you don’t get lost or the navigator doesn’t take you where it’s not, we are going to give you two locations, it is important that you follow them in order. 1st-location is the entrance to the road that goes to the takeoff, once there click on the 2nd-location that will take you to the takeoff, there are 2 km of forest track in good condition.
  • Video  how to get there, click to see it. It’s in fast motion and slows down at junctions. It is quite a few years old, now the path is fixed.
  • GPS: if you have an Apple iPhone and use it to navigate to the takeoff location, sometimes it takes you down a road that is in very bad condition, through Losa del Obispo. Be careful to get to Villar deArzobispo first, from there the GPS will take you to the flying area.
  • Meeting time:  we give an hour for meeting, but it may be that we have to wait for the wind to drop, there is no need to be in a hurry as it can take time.
  • Clothes:  to fly you need more or less warm clothing depending on the time of year and how hot or cold it is, it’s like riding a motorcycle and you’ll need a jacket, neck warmer or scarf, hiking boots or sports shoes, sunglasses Sun, gloves and long pants are always convenient. We put on the helmet.
  • Eat or drink: it is not advisable to eat right before the flight and it is not advisable to drink alcohol, it is better to leave it for later when celebrating it.
  • When you arrive: it is possible that when we arrive we are flying with other passengers, ask any pilot for David and they will inform you.
  • To park the car:  do it where the rest of the vehicles are, after takeoff, it is convenient so as not to disturb those taking off/landing and especially the students who have less experience.
  • Respect the environment: the takeoff is located in a natural environment and the community of pilots take care that it is clean. We ask you, please, that if you generate garbage you take it with you. Thank you so much.
  • Toilets:  as we are in the mountains, we don’t have toilets, we use the field… we also ask you to please, as with the garbage, do not leave toilet paper or wet wipes in the mountains, I will have a garbage bag in my van so that you can dispose of it. cast if necessary. Thank you so much.
  • Make the payment:  if the flight is not a gift that has been given to you, it will be charged after the flight. If it is not an inconvenience to you, we prefer that it be in cash, the alternative is by bank transfer to our Club’s account at the time of confirming that we are going to make the flight, the day before.
  • Photos-videos:  if you have already contracted the photo/video report or if you want to do it on site, remind us when you see us. You will take it with you on a micro SD card that we will give you at the end of the flight.


You will see that we have an artificial grass take-off area surrounded by small stones that drain the water, children are very attracted to throwing the pebbles into the grass, but this damages the material of the paragliders when taking off and landing… Please, if you bring children with you try to stop them, all the pilots will thank you.


Restaurant: if you have time after the flight and want to have dinner in town, or eat before taking off, in the Bar San Miguel they give you a 10% discount for having flown with us. Will not disappoint you!

Meals: also the takeaway company Edelweiss located in Villar del Arzobispo, it gives our passengers a 10% discount coupon on their products, ask us if you are interested… It is a good plan to eat before the flight or dine afterwards, up at takeoff.

Transport: There is no good public transportation to Villar del Arzobispo, the best option if you do not have a car or way to get there, is to rent one.

If you don’t have options, we can arrange pleasant and personal transportation for you:

  • Round trip to Valencia city up to 3 people 80 €
  • Round trip to Lliria (you can get there by Metro) up to 3 people 40 €